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Anti-Virus - Smart Games


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Anti-Virus - Smart Games - It’s time to rid us all of this virus!

A virus has found its way into one of your cells. Sound familiar? Well it’s time to do some virus bashing, we need to get rid of it before it multiplies? The cell (represented by the game board) has very little space, you need to slide the molecules (the coloured counters), which stand in your way as you try to get rid of the virus represented by the red counter. 

Start each challenge by putting the pieces in the start positions set out in the booklet, then work out the moves required to to get the virus out.

Sound confusing, don’t worry you’ll soon pick it up and then you’ll be addicted.

There are 5 levels of increasing difficulty to allow players of all ages to play the game. Beware, this game is contagious: it can spread... the joy of playing.

Suitable for ages 8 to adult, and yes it's challenging!