Baryonyx - Papo Dinosaur

Baryonyx - Papo Dinosaur


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The Baryonyx from the Papo Dinosaur collection.

Spark your child’s imagination with a model dinosaur. Papo dinosaur figures are great for encouraging creative, imaginative play, start your dinosaur collection with this range of quality museum replicas by Papo.

All Papo toy dinosaurs are beautifully hand painted and are also great collectors items for the dinosaur enthusiast.

At Armadillo Toys love the detail of Papo dinosaur figures, we have a huge selection of dinosaur models in our Leeds toy shop.

The Baryonyx is a large therapod dinosaur that is characterised by its large first claw and a long mouth. This Papo dinosaur figure has a dramatic look and shows true realism, with the tail positioned on the ground to provide support and an articulated lower jaw opening wider than most.