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Brainbo A perfect lockdown game for families. 

BRAINBO! Is a quick-fire card game in the mould of others like Dobble and Uno that requires attention, intuition, concentration and Jedi-like mind-control. It's a game for 2-6 players from about 7 years old, takes 2 minutes to explain, 10 minutes to play but a lifetime to master!

Imagine you are asked identify the colour of the word 'BLUE' when it is printed in orange ink.. Well that brain-twister is the key to BRAINBO!'s game mechanic. BRAINBO! is a matching type card game, whereby the card on the table must be matched by cards in players' hands, but the methods in BRAINBO! use the Stroop effect to trick the brain.

How to play....As soon as the dealer turns over the first card from the take pile, play begins! Depending on the mode, players must lay down (whenever they want – there's no 'turns' in BRAINBO!) a card that matches the visible card according to the mode (COLOUR or WORD).

​Sounds easy? Well, wait until that mode changes during the game...players have to rearrange the brain furniture in order to switch to the reverse method of matching. Special cards spice things up too...

In the box :

  • 64 colour cards (from 8 different colours)
  • 12 special cards (6 'BRAINBO!' & 6 'CARTE BLANCHE' jokers)
  • 1 mode card (WORD / COLOUR)
  • Full colour game instructions

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