Crossbow by Vex Robotics

Crossbow by Vex Robotics


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Crossbow Construction Kit by Vex Robotics

This modern toy crossbow still uses the same ancient mechanics that helped Rome's greatest generals rule the battlefield. The toy crossbow has a firing lever that releases the lock and fires a dart when pressed! Adjust the distance knob to control how far back the arms are pulled before release and height knob to control how high up the Crossbow is aimed before firing.

Explore the technology behind some of the most influential inventions of our culture's Age of Innovation! The VEX Robotics Crossbow features two alternate builds for more robotic fun! All Crossbow's construction pieces are compatible with educational VEX IQ pieces to create your own custom VEX robot and explore unlimited possibilities.

Caution: Do not aim at eyes or face. To Avoid Injury: Use only projectiles designed for this product. Do not modify projectiles or projectile launcher.

A great construction kit that you can play with for hours after making. 

VEX Robotics STEM-based construction kits promote rewarding and exciting hands-on learning. They're fun too! 

Ages 8+