Don't Say It!

Don't Say It!


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Don't Say It! by University Games

A great word game especially designed to help children develop their word vocabulary and where as slip of the tongue can cost you the game.

Can you get your team to say 'pig'? It's not as easy as it sounds, especially when you can't say 'sausage' 'sty' or 'pork'. Can you describe a balloon without saying "pop", "inflate", "bang" or "float"?  You'll need to be quick though to avoid being buzzed out by the timer! The electronic timer beats faster as you run out of time! Say the wrong word and BANG.... Game over!

The Don't Say It Game contains 200 words with a clever card holding device which allows you to set 4 different levels of difficulty, depending on the age and abilities of the players. An educational game that will help children express themselves and encourage confidence, at the same time the electronic timer adds to the tension and the fun! A fun for the whole family, you need 2 or more teams of players and it's suitable for ages 6 years and up.