Highway Rat Card Game

Highway Rat Card Game


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Highway Rat Memory Card Game

The classic game of pairs with a Villanous Highway Rat twist.

To start shuffle the cards and place face down on a large surface. The youngest player goes first and turns over two cards and shows the other players what's on them. If it's a matching pair they keep them, if not the cards are turned back over in their original place. Play continues to the next person on the player's left. The key to success is remembering where the different cards are so you can select a matching pair when it's your turn. Here's the twist - if a player picks up a Highway Rat card all the cards left in play are shuffled so no-one knows where each of the cards are. The Highway Rat Memory Card Game is a classic memory game ideal for helping with concentration, turn-taking and memory skills. 

Game includes 54 jumbo sized cards. Not Suitable for children under 3 years.