Ice Dragon - Schleich Eldrador

Ice Dragon - Schleich Eldrador


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Schleich Ice Dragon 70139

The ice dragon turns his opponents into ice in no time at all: he is a fast and agile flyer who can catch his enemies in the blink of an eye. His wings have dangerous spikes made of ice which he can use to break through even the strongest armour. And one puff of his icy breath is enough to instantly freeze attackers!

Schleich Eldrador creatures are hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play. The Ice Dragon has movable wings that have a ball and socket joint. (we have fun swapping the dragons wings to make up our own versions of these amazingly detailed dragons).

Age 3+ Warning! Swallowable small parts. Choking hazard. Size 19.99 x 14 x 14.5 cm

The legend of Schleich Eldrador.  There’s only one thing that counts in Eldrador – the super weapon!