Ice Monster - Schleich Eldrador

Ice Monster - Schleich Eldrador


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Ice Monster with Weapon - Schleich Eldrador Monster 42448.

He is a particularly tough and tenacious warrior, meaning that he never runs out of breath! Not only are his mega-strong fists dangerous, but also his ice hammer – using this, he can freeze objects in the blink of an eye and then shatter them into a thousand pieces. As he is a good swimmer, he can even enter the water world – and lie in wait for his opponents there.

Schleich Eldrador creatures are hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play. The Ice Monster has a moveable arms and a weapon that can be swapped with other creatures.

Age 3+ Warning! Swallowable small parts. Choking hazard. Size 15.49 x 11 x 18.01 cm

The legend of Schleich Eldrador.  There’s only one thing that counts in Eldrador – the super weapon!