Kaprosuchus - Papo Dinosaur

Kaprosuchus - Papo Dinosaur


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Add this wonderful Papo Kaprosuchus dinosaur figure to your collection.

The Kaprosuchus name means "crocodile boar". Thanks to his reinforced snout, very similar to those of crocodilians, the horns on his skull and his body covered with thick scales, he could take attacks from most predators, it measured almost 8 m in length. 

A beautifully modelled kaprosuchus figure by Papo. Papo dinosaur figures are fantastic quality, hand painted and detailed models, they are collectable and promote imaginative play to inspire children to learn more about dinosaurs.

This Papo Kaprosuchus figure has a moveable upper jaw that can open or close.

At Armadillo Toys love the detail of Papo dinosaur figures, we have a huge selection of dinosaur models in our Leeds toy shop.

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