Kawaii Shrink Plastic Jewellery

Kawaii Shrink Plastic Jewellery


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Kawaii Shrink Plastic Jewellery Kit by Janod

A pretty little jewellery craft kit that comes in it's own jewellery box. This kit allows you to create 4 pretty kawaii shrink plastic jewellery items. You can make a ring, brooch, necklace and bracelet.

The set contains: 3 star charms and 3 heart charms, 20 connecting rings, 1 ring holder, 1 brooch holder, 1 gold chain, 1 sheet of crazy shrink plastic printed in color, 1 blank sheet of crazy shrink plastic, 1 sheet of models in colour, 1 tube of jewellery glue and an instruction booklet. Requires the jewellery to be baked in the oven - hence adult supervision required at this stage.

Suitable for ages 7 an over, box size 19 x 3 x 15cm.