Lalaboom Bath Toy Caterpillar

Lalaboom Bath Toy Caterpillar


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Lalaboom Bath Toy Caterpillar and Beads

Sensory and educational fun in the bath with the Lalaboom 8 Piece Beads Bath Caterpillar. Made from non-toxic plastic, it's a perfect toy for little hands to manipulate, with eight pieces that can be snapped together and pulled apart, twisted and turned. In bright colours, it's a true sensory toy that makes bath time all the more fun. Inspired by the renowned Montessori method of education, Lalaboom beads help children discover and develop their essential motor skills at their own pace. An educational toy that grows with your child. 

The lovely textures create a sensory experience that will encourage them to explore by touch. There's a satifying pop when they are pulled apart too!

This bath toy set contains 1 caterpillar (head and tail) and 3 colorful and textured educational beads beads (2 parts to assemble for each, diameter 5 cm), Lalaboom beads can be used in different ways as your child grows and develops more skills.

Recommended age 10 months to 3 years