Magformers Wow Set 16

Magformers Wow Set 16


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Magformers Wow Set 16

Magformers is the leading magnetic construction toy, a premium quality toy designed to inspire children's creativity and 3D brain development.

With Magformers children create 2D flat ‘net’ shapes and transform them into exciting 3D geometric structures whilst having fun too.

Magformers structures are easy to create, take apart, and rebuild. Winning over 50 global educational and toy awards, Magformers is the original brand leader in magnetic construction.

Magformers WOW Set is a best seller in our Leeds toy shop. 

It can be played with on many levels, matching the shapes to the full colour cards, then children can progress to the 2D to 3D plans and finally copy they can copy the designs for the 20 vehicle models.

The Magformers WOW set includes of a total of 16 magformer pieces: squares, triangles, a special pilot boy element and 2 wheel sets. 

There are 22 double-sided full scale plan maps showing how to play with Magformers, 8 patterns demonstrating how easy it is to build with Magformers, Includes 11 patterns for Magformers youngest fans from 3 years oldand finally there are plans for 20 models of vehicles which can be designed with the set Magformers.

Suitable for children over 3 years.