Nature and Animal Blocks

Nature and Animal Blocks


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Nature and Animal Blocks 10 Cardboard Nesting and Stacking Blocks by Djeco

Nesting blocks with stylish illustrations featuring wild animals and plants. There are 10 thick cardboard blocks to fit together, pile up and knock down as many times as you like! Children can stack the cubes vertically or horizontally, with cute images on all sides including numbers 1 to 10 in sequence. These thick and durable cardboard blocks will stack to make an impressive 86cm tall pyramid! Great for knocking down too!

Children can also nest them in sequence or fill them with the corresponding number of their own toys, ie 1 toy in the smallest no 1 box, 5 in the number 5 box. Nesting and stacking blocks offer countless opportunities for open ended play. An essential for early development.

Suitable from 12 months. Size largest cube is 15 x 15cm