Princess Hand Puppet

Princess Hand Puppet

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Princess Hand Puppet great for so many fairy stories.

Stories can be made up, told and re-told with this soft-to-the-touch hand puppet, keeping lively minds enthralled for hours. Not only is it a great toy for individual play, it is also designed to encourage role playing with others improving their confidence and communication skills.

Children love puppets - present a child with a puppet and they think of of fun, adventure, stories and at the very least, they'll smile. Once put on a hand or finger, the child has to get the puppet to do something. It helps them to be creative, imaginative and communicative in a way that very few other toys could achieve. Child will want to put on a show providing joyous home entertainment (away from the screens) and improving their speech and language skills and their confidence. 

Age: 3-9 (17 x 33 cm)

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