Snow Wolf - Schleich Eldrador

Snow Wolf - Schleich Eldrador


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Snow Wolf - Schleich Eldrador Creature 42452

With his white fur, the fierce wolf can move almost unseen in the snow and then, at the right moment, ambush opponents! Nothing gets past his eagle eyes and, with his fine sense of smell, he can pick up even the faintest trail. When the loner needs help, he can call up the ice dragon with his wolf howl. Then every opponent will get a chill.

Schleich Eldrador creatures are hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play. These Schleich figures are authentic, high quality, role play mythical creatures and are very popular in our Leeds toy shop.

Age 3+ Warning! Swallowable small parts. Choking hazard.

Size 15.01 x 18.01 x 8.2 cm

The legend of Schleich Eldrador.  There’s only one thing that counts in Eldrador – the super weapon!

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