Spinosaurus - Papo Dinosaur

Spinosaurus - Papo Dinosaur


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Spinosaurus - Papo Toy Dinosaur Figure 55011.

Add to your Papo Dinosaur collection with this highly detailed Spinosaurus figure!

The Spinosaurus or "spiny lizard" is one of the longest known dinosaurs measuring up to 18m in length and 6m in height. The large back spines may have supported a 'sail' used as a temperature regulator. 

A beautifully modelled spinosaurus figure by Papo. Papo dinosaur figures are fantastic quality, hand painted and detailed models, they are collectable and promote imaginative play to inspire children to learn more about dinosaurs.

This Papo Spinosaurus figure has a moveable jaw that can open or close.

Model Dimensions: Length: 33.0cm Height: 17.0cm

At Armadillo Toys love the detail of Papo dinosaur figures, we have a huge selection of dinosaur models in our Leeds toy shop.