Stick-O Cooking Set 16 Piece

Stick-O Cooking Set 16 Piece


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Stick-O Cooking Set 16 Piece

The Stick-O Cooking Set contains chunky magnetic pieces in a baking and cooking theme. A magnetic construction toy and role play food set in one, you could even add it into your kitchen play set. With 16 different shapes, young children can play at making food and using cooking utensils from a frying pan to a fork. There’s even a magnetic eggshell (which doubles as cream) and a doughnut!

When you get your hands on these chunky magnetic shapes you understand why they are so popular with young children.

Stick-O is a chunky magnetic construction toy for toddlers. Super fun, safe and durable, designed by Magformers - the world’s leading magnetic construction toy brand. Stick-O’s larger pieces are perfectly suited to pre-schoolers and younger children, introducing them to educational play using magnetic forces.

Just like Magformers, Stick-O has a brilliant design feature - rotating magnets. The strong little magnets safely sealed in every chunky piece spin around, so they ALWAYS connect, making model building super-easy.   

Includes eggshell in 2 halves, frying pan, fork, and other special pieces.

All Stick-O sets are compatible with other and can be easily added to. 

Recommended age 3 years and over.