Unicorn 3D Colour In Mask Craft Kit

Unicorn 3D Colour In Mask Craft Kit


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Unicorn 3D Colour In Mask Craft Kit by Fiesta Crafts.

There’s nothing children love more than fancy dress; dressing up in their favourite costume and entering into a world of fantasy and role play. With this 3D full-head mask kit, they can enjoy all of that and more, because this self-build mask also encourages their love of arts and crafts. With this colour in version of thse popular 3D mask kits you can personalise your Unicorn mask, will your Unicorn be friendly pink and spotty one or a more magical purple one.

In just a few easy steps, children will become immersed in a world of fantasy and make-believe as they build their own mask and make it the centerpiece of a whole new role play costume. 

Whether they’re looking to create a costume to wear at home, or if parents are looking for alternative kids Halloween costumes or just want to try new arts and crafts for kids, these masks make the perfect starting point for unique costumes for kids.

Suitable for ages 5 and over.

See the You Tube video here